NJIT Student Capstone Project - December 2019

NJIT has a long tradition of organizing Capstone projects for their students, as it gives them the opportunity to gain a real-world experience and exposure to the challenges they might face outside of a classroom.
This year S&A Technologies participated in NJIT’s Capstone program as sponsor of the “Dietitian Mobile Android App” project. A group of students were tasked with developing a fully functional Mobile Application that enables dietitians to stay in contact with their patients. More precisely, the dietitians can share healthy recipes with a group of patients, who then have the opportunity to give their feedback in the form of messages and ratings.
This project had consisted of four main parts; a database, a website to handle all database requests (the backend), an administrative web portal, and of course the phone application itself (the frontend). To implement the front-end and back-end, the students had learned to program using new and modern technologies like React Native and Angular.
In the end, the students successfully published their application to the Google Play Store, and presented the “Dietitian Mobile Android App” at their ‘Capstone Showcase of the NJIT, Ying Wu College of Computing’ event.

Ich Bin Expat Fair - November 2019

S&A Technologies participated in this year’s ICH BIN EXPAT FAIR trade show, an annual networking event for the German-speaking community in New York and New Jersey. Companies and organizations, with German roots or connections to cultures of the German-speaking world, demonstrated their latest products and services from various industries. Guests and visitors, in addition, had the opportunity to learn about an Expat’s way of living and his/her experience of cultural and economic integration into the American environment. As expats themselves, S&A Technologies presented its extensive portfolio of technologies that enable the company to create and deliver web and mobile applications of highest quality.